1.  Swedish-American Genealogist is a quarterly journal devoted to Swedish American biography, genealogy, and personal history published by the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center to Augustana College.

2.  Sweden's National Archives ( Riksarkivet ) - Your link to your history!  In Swedish and English (note: the website comes uip in Swedish but the "language" linki in the upper right corner enables you to change to English).

3.  Sweden's Royal Palace Archives is an interesting resource to explore.

4.  The Facebook site Swedish American Genealogy Group is a useful resource on social media but you have to have a Facebook account to view it as they do not have a public facing page..

5.  Locally in northern California, there is the VASA Golden Gate District #12
Swedish Genealogy Club at

6.  Finding your Swedish Roots - where to start with Släktforskarförbundet, Sweden's Genealogical Association.

7. Roots in Sweden?  A Swedish fee-for-services site.

8.  VASA's Archives is another source of leads for Swedish immigration information.

9.  Another site of possible interest to followers of the royal family is an interactive family tree of Swedish Royal Family available from Expedia.

10. If you want to learn more about scholarly genealogical research, check out the American Society of Genealogists, founded in 1940,  which is an independent honorary society of the leading published scholars in the field of American genealogy.

If you want paper resources, check out Carl-Erik Johansson's "Cradled in Sweden" and "Your Swedish Roots" by Clemensson and Andersson are very helpful genelogcal resources and the English version a few years ago of "Folk Costumes of Sweden" by Inga Arno¨-Berg is a fascinating look at Swedish costumes once you have some idea where your ancestors resided in Sweden.

And, of course, there are other broader scope resources like and (see differences).

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