Officers for 2021

Chairman — Chuck Johnson
Vice Chairman — Ed Netzel
Recording Secretary- -Yvonne Magneheim
Assistant Recording Secretary —  Gail Nemy
Treasurer— Brian Horsfield
Financial Secretary —Anita Nord
Assistant Financial Secretary —  Joyce Willow
Cultural Leader — Charley Rea
Chaplain /Friendhip/Outreach — Will Hanley & Larry Woodward
Master of Ceremonies — Alex Hopkins
Assistant Master of Ceremonies — vacant
Guard — Alex Hopkins
Past Chairman — Mark Delle

Trustees ---  Dan Eriksson (1 year)

           vacant(2 years)

             vacant (3 years)

Auditors --- Karin Johnson (1 year)

                        Johanna Benker (2 years)

Scandinavian Festival Delegates --- Will Hanley

                                                                  Larry Woodward

Sweden Day representative --- Dan Eriksson

Last update: 12-12-2020

  • Please Due to the current Corona virus situation, all in-person lodge events have been canceled until further notice.   However, Monitor will be hosting virtual ZOOM meetings and occasional cultural events as outlined in our 2021 calendar.  If you have questions, please call or text:  Chuck Johnson, Chairman – (916) 501-9256 or Ed Netzel, Vice Chairman – (916) 416-1144